La Bomba


  • La Bomba Club is place, where you can enjoy regular dance classes, socials, parties, live music, festivals. It`s pretty about all you can dance.
  • La Bomba Club is project, committed to delivering various dance and music activities, ranging from --> free demo classes, through --> regular courses, -->socials ("tančiarne") where you can practice and --> parties during the weekends, --> live music to dance to, and --> festivals where you can experience international mixture of artists and enjoy your dance skills in the most exciting way.
  • La Bomba Club`s mission is (1) to provide opportunities to individuals/artists for sharing their dance/music skills and art; (2) to organize events, where anybody can learn and enjoy her/his lessons learnt; (3) to maintain the first two mission points in "economically functional" mechanism with long-term perspective; (4) reflecting the feedback and expectations of the community (5) advancing to further challenges and improvements.
  • La Bomba Club is not similar tousual dance schools. This thanks to offering a rich scale of opportunities for not only learning, but especially for enjoying, socialization and  building the community.


  • demo lessons are regular "tasters", where you can get to know the club atmosphere, your teachers, the venue and most importantly the respective dance
  • salsa & bachata: every first Saturday in month, 20:00h and 21:00h (followed by TEMPO LENTO party, which is mainly for beginning dancers. Tempo lento = slow tempo)
  • also: kizomba, west coast swing, brazilean zouk: as per the schedule, most of the time once per month
  • demo lesson are free of charge. However, upon your arrival you are asked to pay the entrance for the party (TEMPO LENTO). Enjoy the class...and in case you decide not to stay for the party, the entrance is payed back when you leave (right after the class)
  • more details (SK) about demo lessons and nearest dates:


  • we provide 6-week dance courses
  • dates of the courses and more info (SK) can be found here:
  • courses of specific dance styles can be found also by going to menu section "Kurzy" and by choosing your style (for example salsa)
  • seeing the list of courses, click on title of specific course for more information (SK)
  • quick hint 1: "začiatočníci = beginners, mierne pokročilí = pre-intermediate, stredne pokročilí = intermediate, pokročilí = advanced"
  • quick hint 2: "prebiehajúce = ongoing, pripravované = up next"
  • quick hint 3: courses are listed from lower to higher difficulty level (first one is usually the course for beginners)
  • our main streams are: salsa (cubana / puerto rico), bachata, kizomba, slovak folk dances, dance & fit (zumba, kuduro, reggeaton, salsation)
  • additonal genres: west coast swing, brazilean zouk & others, as per the season/requests
  • price of Partner dance course: 45€ per single person or 85€ per couple (preregistered)
  • price includes: 6x lesson voucher + 6x drink voucher + 6x party entry voucher. Drink as per your choice of up to 2,50€ value, party entry of 2€ value.
  • price of single entry - Partner dances: 7€ for anyone or 5,95€ for club card holder, if paid by club card (15% discount).
  • price of single entry - Partner dances: includes lesson voucher + party entry. Drink not included. Single entry can be purchased before the lesson.
  • price of single entry - Fit& dance: 6€ for anyone or 5,10€ for club card holder, if paid by club card (15% discount)
  • registration is suggested for partner dance course. Recommendation: please use the same e-mail address for all possible registration. It can be usefull when introducing reward and loyalty plans in future


  • Monday to Thursday: socials, usually 21-00h (after the dance courses)
  • one or two or three stages simultaneously
  • entry Monday - Thursday: 2€
  • entry Friday - Saturday: 5€
  • entry on specific occasion: as per the specific event
  • master calendar:
  • events today: (this link will retire soon) 🙂
  • events today: (soon)


  • club card can be purchased in the club at anytime; 3-minutes-process
  • action formula: filling out order form (name, surname, email, phone) + payment 40€ = ready- to-use club card with 40€ credit
  • discount on single lesson: 15%
  • discount on lemonades: 5%
  • additional discounts to be launched (more cards in use = more discounts provided)
  • charging the credit: anytime, minimum 20€
  • your club card is just identifier of your credit account and it does not bear the credit "inside" (in case if you worry about loosing it 🙂
  • your club card`s credit is not time restricted


  • feel free to get in touch if you have any more questions
  • feel challenged to contact us about any suggestions or tips for improving this page
  • | 02 4488 9988 | +421 2 4488 9988
  • thank you 🙂


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La Bomba
café & dance club
Prievozská 18
821 09 Bratislava

Klub - prevádzka, kurzy, registrácie, rezervácie
02 4488 9988
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Ako k nám
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MHD: zastávka Prievozská
(201, 202, 208, 70, 74, 98, N72)
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Otváracie hodiny
LETO (máj – október)
Pondelok: 10:00 - 00:00 
(júl – august do 17:00)
Utorok: 10:00 - 00:00
Streda: 10:00 - 00:00
Štvrtok: 10:00 - 00:00
Piatok: 10:00 - 04:00
Sobota: 10:00 - 04:00
Nedeľa: podľa rozvrhu
ZIMA (november – apríl)
Pondelok: 17:00 - 00:00 
Utorok: 17:00 - 00:00
Streda: 17:00 - 00:00
Štvrtok: 17:00 - 00:00
Piatok: 21:00 - 04:00
Sobota: 21:00 - 04:00
Nedeľa: podľa rozvrhu
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